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Patience please, a work in progress here!!!
and please, if you have a link or two to share~
Please let us know!
Here's some of our local artist, friends and businesses you can support by clicking:

Takilma Tales: The Hippie History of Takilma, Oregon
book by Susanne Kindi Fahrnkopf

Renewable Energy Systems

Spiral Living Center

Altar Wind Music

Rogue Natural Living

Kendall Art Glass

Takilma Free Radio

Hope Mountain Barter Faire

Kauffman Wood Products

Treehouse Resort

Commedia DellArte

Maize Guitars

Takilma Forge and Wagon Works

Splint Works: Old World Basketry

Slate Works

Furniture by Lance G. Thorne

Kate Dwyer Catering

Alan Laurie Art


Please look for our local non-profs links and info on our Groups page!

here's a link to Sunnyridge-
(one of the original Takilma area communes, check out their chat room and pics);
Sunnyridge Communal Web Site

I KNOW there's more links from our folks, and am truly sorry if I missed ya-
so please let me know if you have a link you would like to see listed.

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