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people pic by Dr.Jim
Community portrait by Dr. Jim Shames, taken at Takilma Forge May 1, 1994
A newer version of this photo taken more recently (see below) is now available in different sizes of full color or black and white prints for purchase, proceeds benefit Common Ground;
Takilma Common Ground
POBox 2016
Cave Junction, OR, 97523

takilma peops photo

Send us your pics please!
suggested areas of interest include things such as community places and events like the construction of the Community Building, Green Side Up days, herbicide and logging wars, the Silver Fire, Dome School and other fundraising events, our Barter Faire, school activities, bike trail effort, flora and fauna, etc etc. ....
Some of us have been around an awe full long time and are bound to have some truly great classic shots, trouble is they're on of all things- old photo paper! Some even securely in frames occupying places of honor for some time.
How to get them on the web?
Never fear, your humble site meister (jefry) is here with a scanner (and/or digi camera) to capture the moment once again, but for digital record, and then you can safely deposit it back to a secure place.
If you are one of our many local artistes we'd be happy to showcase any community related works and reciprocal link to your site if possible also.

For instance, local talent Alan Laurie has graciously submitted his painted portrait from an old photo of the original Takilma Store :
clcik for bigger version!
(click the thumbnail above for bigger view)
Gallery of his work and prints available through:

Here are some pics submitted by Sue Lily, from a past Dome School Bazaar;
click here to see!

New Origins of History in Takilma page: History

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